Updates In View Of The Prevailing Covid-19 Concerns

We at Kilimani Children’s Clinic are keenly following the unfolding developments related to the increasing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic being experienced the world over. We are actively auditing and updating our processes to minimize risk to all and also to ensure your loved ones do get the care they need in a timely, efficient and safe environment.

With this in mind, we wish to alert you to the following measures that we have put in place:

  • If you have fever, symptoms of cough, runny nose, muscle aches with difficulty in breathing and have recently traveled to countries with current active transmission, or have come into close contact with someone from these countries – we urge you not to come to the clinic but call the hotline “08000721316 / 0732353535 / 07219471414”” for assistance and further direction.
  • We provide hand sanitizers at strategic points throughout the clinic. Hand hygiene has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to beat the spread of the virus. We also have sanitizers that you can buy and carry home
  • We encourage all clients to book appointments through our website or alternatively through our landline 0204404949 or through WhatsApp Having a scheduled time for you will not only save you time but give you the comfort and peace of mind. Booked patients will be given priority.
  • To maintain safe distance from each other, we have a large compound with benches widely spread out in our vast garden where families can relax as they wait their turn to be attended. Alternatively, families can wait in the comfort of their cars in our large parking lot.