Speech and Language Therapy for Children

At times you don’t understand what is wrong with your child. You might be asking yourself, why is it my child is different from other children? Without you knowing your child might be suffering from speech and language disorders. Some of the speech and language disorders include feeding and swallowing disorders, articulation disorders, fluency disorders, resonance disorders, receptive disorders.

Speech therapists work with children and adults with communication, feeding and swallowing disorders. When do you see a speech and language therapist as a parent?

0 – 3 Months. Your child does not smile or take notice of others.

4 – 7 Months. Your child doesn’t make “baby noises” googoo and gagaas i.e baby babbles.

7 – 12 Months. Your child is mostly quiet.

7 – 24 Months. Your child can’t understand the words being spoken to them.

12 – 24 Months. Your child says few or no words and has difficulty pronouncing b, h, m, p, and w sounds.

24 – 36 Months. Your child has difficulty pronouncing d, f, g, k, n, t sounds.

When your child has a hearing impairment.

When your child’s speech is not fluent and stammers.

When your child is having recurrent chest infections due to aspiration Pneumonia.

Our clinic has professional speech-language therapists who will give a comprehensive diagnosis to your child.

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Your child’s health is our priority.