You have finally managed to put the baby to sleep after she has been crying incessantly for the last half an hour. You can at least now attend to other matters as she sleeps fitfully in the beautiful cot you bought just for her.What a precious gift and what joy she brings to your heart. You smile as you think of what a wonderful addition she is to the family.

You realise that you would do anything to protect the little angle from any pain. As if on cue, she wakes up and lets out a wail. This time you can tell it’s different because the cry is heart wrenching. You drop what you are doing and rush to pick her up. You touch her forehead and realise her temperature is high. Your mind goes into a panic. You remember you had an emergency number from the Clinic you usually take your daughter to. You try calling but no one is picking. By now your daughter is crying so loudly you can hardly hear yourself think. Your heart is now racing as you wonder what could be wrong. You decide to rush her to the nearest Clinic. You grab the always packed baby bag and make your way there. You pray that you will be quickly attended to because you have heard that some Clinics make you wait for long before you are attended to. You try to reassure yourself that this one will be different. This re-assurance quickly turns into despair the moment you step into the Clinic. The number of parents and crying children in the waiting room is enough to overwhelm you. You try to locate a nurse or a receptionist or just anyone with the Clinic’s uniform to ask for help but no one is in sight. You try asking the woman standing next to you where the emergency room is but she simply shrugs. Her expression is enough to tell you that she has been waiting there long enough and she is in no mood to assist. By now your little angel is whimpering painfully in your arms. You start to cry as the feeling of helpless overwhelms you. If only there was a Clinic where you could be assured of immediate help whenever needed or at least an emergency number that worked!
We at Kilimani Children’s Clinic understand the anguish of a parent when their child falls ill. We know the urgency of wanting to ease your child’s suffering. We completely appreciate the need to avoid the tears, tantrums and inconveniences that come with long queues and lengthy stays in the waiting room. We also cannot understate the need for a working emergency number to give you access to quality emergency services for your child whenever needed. It is with all these in mind that we designed a way to enable you book an appointment at our Clinic at the click of a button. Our website contains a booking tool that allows you to see if paediatricians on duty are actually available to attend to you even before you make the trip to the Clinic. We also have an emergency number that you can call before coming to the Clinic so we can receive you in the best way possible. This not only saves you time but gives you the assurance that someone will be ready to attend to your child the moment you arrive at the Clinic. You can expect a quick response from our call center as well as a warm reception when you arrive at the Clinic. We know this time is trying for both you and your child. That is why we endeavour to make it as easy on you as we possibly can.