You have gone through the pregnancy, through labour and now you are home looking at your newborn and your bundle of joy.

It suddenly hits you that you have no idea where to start with your baby’s care. After how long do I take my child for her/his first check-up? How do I know that my child is growing right and accordingly, what am I suppose to look out for in the first week after the child is born?
All these questions and many more can be very perplexing and can lead to a lot of panic in lot’s of parents, and not only in the new ones but also seasoned ones can sometimes forget how it was even if it was just a year and several months ago.

To ease your perplexity, we have prepared a free resource that you can download and print to assist you in checking the growth of your baby and to help you know when there is a problem in their development and when they need to be vaccinated. This resource is free of charge. You can also use it to know when your child’s vaccination is right around the corner and keep track of vaccinations made. Even better, you can come with what you have filled to see a paediatrician at Kilimani Children’s clinic and it will greatly assist both you and the doctor in giving a diagnosis fast. It will save you time and might even save your child’s life.
Download the child’s vaccination card below.