Dear Valued Client,

We are delighted to welcome you to the Kilimani Children’s Clinic.

The Children’s Clinic was founded in the 90’s by Dr. Stephen Muhudhia and Professor William Macharia.It started off as a group practice that was based at the then famous Hesabu House in Hurlingham. In the following years, the practice grew tremendously. Several other paediatricians came on board. The practice was by now catering to patients in Kilimani as well as the wider Nairobi area.

In early 2000, Hesabu House was put up for re-development forcing the practice to relocate to Nairobi Hospital’s Doctors’ Plaza. At the time, Prof. Macharia took up the full time position as the head of paediatrics at the Aga Khan Hospital leaving the practice under the able leadership of Dr. Muhudhia.

Since then, the Clinic has had a consistent rich variety of experts in the paediatric field. Many renowned paediatricians within the city can attest to having worked in the Clinic at some point in their careers. They can without a doubt describe their time there as an invaluable experience having had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and experienced team of senior paediatricians.

In 2013, Dr. Moses Lango who is a senior consultant paediatrician and board-certified neonatologist joined the practice, adding to the pool of expertise available to clients. Dr. Lango has been very instrumental in steering the visionary growth of the practice. He is credited with the current brand of ‘Kilimani Children’s Clinic’ and the opening of the Denis Pritt Road Branch.

At the new branch, our clients can now access our services right ‘next door’. Here, they can also enjoy our extended open hours, all the way from 8 am to 8 pm, ensuring that those early morning and notorious late-night emergencies are sorted out right in your neighbourhood.

The new branch also provides state of the art health care to your child. The clinic is purely paediatric. You can therefore rest assured that your child will always be attended to by a paediatrician at all times. Our team of able doctors who have been attending to you in at our doctors’ plaza branch continue to be available to offer their expertise to you in the new branch.

To our current family of clients, we appreciate your continued trust as we endeavor to serve you better. We encourage you to visit our new branch where you can access better resources and facilities.

To our new clients, we welcome you to a family of professionals whose primary concern is your child’s well-being. At Kilimani Children’s Clinic, we strive to give you and your loved one the best care possible. We encourage you to visit our new branch and experience impeccable, timely and professional service.


Kilimani Children’s Clinic Team