Nothing is as close to a parent’s heart as the well-being of their child. When your child is ill, all you want is to see them better. It is therefore, only natural that your first concern will be to get them the best and fastest care from well qualified doctors, who are equipped to make a quick and correct diagnosis. That is where we come in as Kilimani Children’s Clinic. We have dedicated ourselves to providing you and your child with high quality paediatric services from specialists. We realized that there was a dire need for a specialized paediatric Clinic which could offer parents and their children accurate diagnosis in a timely manner and without subjecting the child to unnecessary pain and suffering. This is why at Kilimani Children’s Clinic, we have a team of specialized paediatricians who will always handle your child with meticulous care and deliver an accurate diagnosis. We do not believe in guess work when it comes to diagnosis.

A child’s illness is undoubtedly one of the most challenging times in any parent’s life.It is a time of anxiety and great stress on the mind.No parent wants to deal with uncourteous and unconcerned customer service during such a time At Kilimani Children’s Clinic we want to make this time as easy on you and your child as possible.Our friendly and hassle free customer service is intended to put you at ease as you focus on getting your child the help they need.Our Clinic is intentionally located in a homely and friendly environment to not only give you peace of mind, but to also serve as a welcome distraction for your child from what ails them so they can focus on getting better.

Your child’s well-being is our top most priority.  We aim at providing you and your child with unparalleled specialized and expert patient care.Our team of pediatricians come with a combined experience of  over 20 years. The team is made up of professionals specializing in various paediatric fields such as  neonatology, occupational and physiotherapy and many more. You can walk in to our Clinic for consultation services any day of the week from 7a.m. to 10 p.m. We remain open on public holidays. Our state of the art emergency room ensures that we offer you only the best emergency services whenever the need arises. We have a highly skilled team of paediatricians and emergency care trained nurses to deal with any kind of medical emergency. We also have numerous specialist clinics running concurrently at our facility as well as a well stocked pharmacy manned by experienced pharmacists. Among our other outstanding services, we also have a Child Development Clinic which focuses on conditions such as diagnosis and management of Autism Spectrum Disorder, development delays, complications of cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as difficult teen behavioral challenges.